The rock n Roll phenomenon that is The Gulps continues to grow at breakneck speed and with the release of latest floor filler “King of the Disco” these boys are going supersonic. The multi-national 5 piece now based in London’s rock n roll centre of creative excellence Camden Town have proven to the world already that belief, passion and an overwhelming drive to succeed in their legacy as rockstars is not only possible but well and truly achieved.

Music is everything is the philosophy of The Gulps and these boys are not afraid of a grand statement and will almost certainly speak their minds. The live shows are filled with such energy, melody and charm, stage diving and crowd surfing are a guarantee and with a set of pure sing along belters in their musical arsenal its no wonder the upcoming tour is pretty much sold out every date. The boys are pure punk rock onstage, they will tell it like it is off stage but always with such charisma and respect, these boys are good lads and would definitely hold the door open and help your nan with her shopping before tap dancing on top of a piano with a bottle of Jamesons Irish whiskey. Hailing from all four corners of Europe and the Middle East, The Gulps are: frontman Javier Sola (Vox) and guitarist Juan Carlos Ruiz (both from a small town in La Rioja, Spain), bassist Simon Mouchard (from Nantes, France), rhythm guitarist Francesco Antonio Buffone (from Calabria in southern Italy) and drummer Raoul Khayat (from Beirut, Lebanon). All attracted to the UK like moths to its creative flame, the quintet arrived in Camden from their separate corners of the globe and magnetised to one another with one electrifying vision: “We came here to be f**king rock stars” says Harry.

The official birth year of The Gulps is going to go down as being 2019 when they instantly gained mammoth notoriety on the live circuit with every performance being one to remember with its own insanities, from stage invasions and fights with security, to stories of almost scalping a fan whose hair got caught in a flailing bass guitar. Picked up by the legendary Steve Strange as his last discovery before his untimely passing, the band were then signed by Creation Records legend Alan McGee to his It’s Creation Baby label last year and in October 2021 they released the spectacular single “Stuck in the city”. Since then the boys have not stopped growing The Gulps movement and with the industry might off “The Mcgeezer” behind them the movements momentum is hitting the scene like a bullet from a musical gun.
With a massive bang bang latest masterpiece’ King Of The Disco’ hit our ears at midnight on the 27th May 2022 and has pretty much created its own genre of Disco punk with its beats and grooves overseen by the legendary Danny Saber (Black Grape) on mastering, the resultant track is a swirling indie-disco earworm landing just in time for manic summer nights under flashing lights and Dionysian blow-outs on sticky dancefloors.

Inspired by post-Covid craziness and the exhilaration of being set free from lockdown, frontman Javier Sola (Harry) says of the single:

“King of the Disco” is about instigating partying, hedonism and chaos and losing control. Everyone was sporadically locked up over the last two years, so this track is about celebrating the moment you were allowed onto the dancefloor again; dictating craziness, and spitting euphoria and absolute mania.”

The delivery is flawless with its fuzz fulled fender guitar sound and the overall vibe of the track is a damn right bloody good time. Almost reminding me of a touch of Blur and the sometimes light hearted side of The Kinks but also heady with an infectious dance undercurrent that’s enough to tip any room on its head this belter of a tune is ready to take the summer airwaves, dance floors, festivals and playlists by storm. Be warned though when this tune comes on your playlist no matter where you are be prepared to instantly pull a Saturday night fever pose and strut along the pavement like Toby Maguire in Spiderman 3 until you somehow have started a mosh pit in the middle of Lidl’s by singing out at the top of your voice “I’m the king of the disco“.

With two SOLD OUT headline shows in Spain under their belt this year, plus major support slots with the likes of ASH, Cast, Carl Barat, Skinner Brothers and Keir around the UK, The Gulps are now set to bring their untameable live act to a UK headline tour of their own this June. With tickets almost completely sold out Gulpmania is well and truly on the cards and equally as well deserved. Full tour dates are below and if your one of the lucky few to have acquired these ticket shaped hot cakes The Songbird HQ will see you down the front!!


02 – GLASGOW – The Hug & Pint
03 – CARDIFF – Tramshed (supporting Cast)
04 – BIRMINGHAM – Dead Wax (Sonic Wave Festival)
06 – BRISTOL – Louisiana
07 – LONDON – Camden Assembly
08 – MANCHESTER – The Castle Hotel

Words by JIM DOLAN