The thing I like about this song is the way it’s kind of off beat at the beginning, and it falls into step for the verse then off beat into the chorus.

Interesting arrangement!

The guitars play an important part riffing away and giving the song a jam session kind of feel… I’m going to say that it’s possible that this was the starting point for the composition maybe? 

It’s gloriously indie rock heavy on the rock, a little bit of a swing. and it’s written for you to enjoy yourself… I find myself liking this and the lads with every listen!

So who are Valeur?


Rob Morris – Vocals

Kieran Matthews – Lead Guitar

Brett Egerton – Bass Guitar

Rich Howshall – Drums/Percussion

Sam Hopkin – Backing Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

A quintet from Staffordshire, who play with a professionalism that’s infectious.

One word. 


Listen to Explosions by Valeur HERE NOW

Review by Del Osei-Owusu