New kids on the block Damian Luke And The Sweet Beast have been together since March this year and for a group that’s still in its infancy… this new single? 


It’s a cracker.

It starts things off with an FM radio filter with a bit of an old school bluesy intro, before it drops into a bit of a indie rock number.. I am hoping there’s a full length version of that song somewhere! 

This song has a catchy call and response bit that simply induces you to sing ahhhs.

Everyone likes a crowd participation song, and this is one of them. The song progression is easy to follow, this is what you need for a debut single, it’s something that’s great to hum to, and the band have absolutely nailed it.

The intro comes back as the outro. Very clever. Well done! 

5/5 on this.

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Review by Del Osei-Owusu