The hi hat count off made me jump… Not quite what I was expecting!That said though this is a high energy rock song, great harmonies in the chorus…. What I’m really liking about Tarraska so far is that they have lethal guitar riffle.And they’re not afraid to use it.

There’s a rhythm guitar chugging through, and there’s a lead guitar over the top giving it some….. 

The vocals on this really give me a nice warm feeling… Not sure what it is. 

The way this song changes speed at 3:13 to an extended instrumental section really picqued my interest… 

Hold up….

Is that finger tapping at 3:24???


I see you. I got my eye on you.

Listen to ‘Renegade’ HERE NOW

Tarraska are a rock band from the south coast of England.

The core of the band gigged acoustically for years whilst steadily writing and performing their original material.

As they started recording, the tracks demanded a heavier sound and Tarraska was born in early 2020.

Singles ‘Trailblazer’, ‘Renegade’ released in 2020, Prose’ in 2021, and ‘Getting Out Alive’ in 2022, preceding the full debut album out 17th June 2022.

Track of the day review by Del Osei-Owusu