Nowhere Town

The first thing that strikes you about this is how strong the vocals are. Bandit hits the goosebumps button hard.

While the song starts off as a piano led ballad, hold tight.., the drums drop in steadily plenty of ghost notes on the snare, so don’t let it make you think it’s just another ballad. It just isn’t. 

The vocals are emotional, and have a touch of soul, the reverb tail end keeps it lingering in your ear too…. These are all little tricks to keep you listening out, the way I like to describe it is like a good recipe, you add that spice to bring up that flavour, and the more it tastes good the more that you want to eat it.

For me this is it, the vocals just make me want to seek out her work….

This song was co written by another singer songwriter who’s no slouch herself – Kal Lavelle, and Harry Clarke. It has already been recognised as Record of The Week by BBC Radio Scotland, so that’s always a good thing!

What I love about Bandit’s spotify bio is that it says she writes songs for those who have loved, lost and/or eaten more than their fair share of cheesy chips and still know they’re a sexy piece of ass. 

I love her. 

I can do without the cheese. It’s the chips and ketchup or mayo life for me. 

But I love her.

Listen to ‘Nowhere Town’ HERE NOW

Track of the day review by Del Osei-Owusu