“Anyone could be taken out,

Anyone could’ve told you so,

Anyone could be listening in,

You could try and laugh it all away.”

I like this lyric. Very poetic. It draws you in and makes you want to know what the next part of it is,

This is how I got introduced to Sleep Well Beast, a band sent to me by the man the legend Kwame Kwaten, and as I said on twitter – If Kwame sends you music. YOU LISTEN. 

I listened to this with my friend Eddie, and he’s my benchmark as if it gets him nodding then you know it’s a good un.

The song begins with bent strings, and big toms being played, it just exploded out of my headphones, and it packs a punch! This is best listened to…. Well….


Is there any other way? 

Well, no. There isn’t. 

This has the potential of being a big crowd pleaser, this is festival season and and these guys have played IOW just this weekend gone. If they don’t get Glastonbury next year I’ll be very disappointed.

Anyway, this is a short and sweet track clocking in at 2:51, lots of big noise exploding out of my headphones, I love the guitars on this and the way that they manage to pack a great solo in at around 1:24…

What a way to introduce a band. 

Track of the Day review by Del Osei-Owusu