The new track from Chinwe is just that… something beautiful. 

Subby gutsy bass over some gorgeous guitar chords, nice synth pads, then Chinwe’s soulful vocal comes in. I’ve encountered her before and she’s never let me down with her sound.

But let me tell you this. She’s a triple threat.

She’s a singer songwriter and producer so what you hear is all her, and I applaud her for this.

This is an old school neo soul vibe, I love the slow down/pitch down at 0:07 to bring Chinwe’s vocals in that’s genius…

The kick coming in at 1:04 and the vinyl crackle doesn’t go unnoticed by the way! Love the percussive snare on its own to keep the beat in the second part of the second verse is a treat to the ear too. The congas to round up the second chorus is just bang on.

The one thing that’s always got me about Chinwe is her harmonies, so gorgeously arranged! 

This is making my rainy London Wednesday morning. 

East London singer-songwriter and producer Chinwe began writing songs as a teenager before teaching herself to play the guitar. Since, navigating the world of music and its production, her tender melodies and mellifluous sounds have caught the attention of a variety of industry heads.

Listen to ‘Something Beautiful’ HERE NOW

Track of the day review by Del Osei-Owusu