Red Light

What I like about this song is the way that it just drops you right in the action….

What do I mean?Well usually you expect it to be right on the one, but this has old school funk swagger, so it starts on the off beat….

This is half sung half rapped, and this band brings the fire, in the background and they bring the ancestral soul of their influences with them.

Let’s break it down.

Bass is slapped, is that influences of Larry Graham there?

Guitar: I hear a bit of Cory Wong and Prince here, with a bit of Nile Rodgers in there too…

Drums: It’s a variation on the funky drummer by Clyde Stubblefield, hi hat’s open, really loose…. But everything seems to pivot around this and I can imagine the drums being the jump off point live as the way the arrangement is the song ends at a dead stop – but they could bring the song back in at any point with just the count off….

Keys: Those keybaards are solid…..Nice bit of noodling in there! I hear rhodes…. 

Vocals: The vocals are rapped, and sung, and the way it’s delivered, you just can’t help but smile at the pure energy of it….

This song brings back the funk of the late 70s and early 80s with its smoothness and it makes me want to check out what else Dopesickfly have to offer.

The lyrically explosive, musically diverse, Atlernative Funk Rock Hybrid known as DOPESICKFLY emanate an upbeat feel good vibe. The bands distinctive sound and look is a result of four unique musicians coming together to create an extraordinary fusion. Rehearsing original songs in the streets of Glasgow, Scotland, was the sound board and birth of the band. Since then, Dopesickfly have rubbed shoulders with some huge acts and supported the likes of Texas, Big Country, Kool & The Gang, Sugar Hill Gang, The Bluebells, Imelda May, Peter Hook & The Light, Raleigh Ritchie, The Milk, Kobi Onyame and Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5, Ozomolati & Chali 2na. Embodying the journey of their music from streets, stage to festivals is what Dopesickfly love to capture and share.

Ant, Joe, Iona & Ross reflect a world collective in life & music… blending Funk & Hip Hop, with soulful harmonies they emerged with positively upbeat feel-good vibes.


Review by Del Osei-Owusu