This is is a gorgeous acoustic ballad… 

It’s been a rainy day in London, and I’m on the train home. This song is making the journey so much easier. 

Why? It’s likely a lullaby, and it’s so relaxing… 

Isyla’s voices are good for the soul. 

Let’s look at the lyrics. 

“I’m feeling dizzy here, 

But I didn’t drink I couldn’t touch 

a thing,

I picture how this story goes,

But how it ends well no one really knows”…

Two observations. 

The first being that the adlibs are delivered beautifully – so for example, at the end of a line then there’s an oh oh oh oh oh… 

Having watched bits of Glastonbury this weekend, having a portion for the crowd to latch onto and sing along to easily is the best thing ever and I get the feeling that could be a winner… 

Second observation: The lyrics are telling a story, and like all good stories they draw you in from the get go. I just love the way they do that in this, it’s an important part of storytelling and they’ve done it well here.

Instrument wise the intro begins with a disorienting synth that moves around you. I love that. Matching the sound to the dizziness.

You have the drums come in with an off beat feel, I’m thinking there are brushes involved here…. If not that’s where I’d be leaning towards…

Acoustic guitar played stunningly playing some lovely chords with the synth… it all sits beautifully in there!

All I can say is that it made my train journey home a lot better!

This comes from a ten track album of stunning tracks called “Of Blood And Star” a title that’s already got me intrigued, and I’m off to listen to the rest.

Listen to ‘Only Girl In The Room’ HERE NOW

Review by Del Osei-Owusu