Grammy awarded. Royal Albert Hall Playing. Killer album dropping. Blue Note Paris signed. Who am I talking about?

My boys Blue Lab Beats of course.

NKOK and Mr DM are back with a really soulful tune, this time joining forces with the incredible trumpet player Beesau, and this dude can blow his horn!

The trademark fire beats are there with a slight quantised swing I can’t tell you by how much, my ears aren’t that good, but try tapping triplets out to it, and you’ll see what I mean….

The key is in the shaker that’s being played.

Beesau makes his trumpet sing! Harmonising over the top of his own playing Beesau does an amazing job of playing some really soulful notes here, he also make it sound like there’s a full horn section such is the beauty of the arrangement.

Meanwhile there’s a George Benson like guitar like riffing going through this as well as some really gorgeous runs, it makes me glad it’s the summer and appreciate it a lot more….

I am thankful every day for these guys, and now they’ve brought Beesau into my life….

Long may their good music continue.


Review by Del Osei-Owusu