Underground and emerging artists are who I love to write about the most, especially alternative artists who like to explore multiple genres of music. Today I managed to talk to PDTHESAINT and QUADE POUNDSIGN about their new 8 track collaborative EP ‘James Jarvis’ and the video for their latest single ‘Totally Wicked’.

For fans of artists such as Lil Peep, Kenny Hoopla, nothing, nowhere. and Kid Bookie.

The EP gives me a sense of reincarnation, a re-birth and resurgence of that same collective era of when Tracy and Peep were in GBC and we saw these young guys working together on beats, lyrics, home-made music videos and putting on intimate shows all for the love of music… and all the sinfully delicious perks that come with the start of success.

You can listen to the EP here

Who are you and what made you want to collaborate with each other?

PDTHESAINT: best mates live together known each other for years it was just natural, vibes their friends before music then we moved in together in Manchester

QUADE POUNDSIGN: Similar story, with somebody 24/7 was such a relaxed atmosphere can be in each other’scompany all the time. Making music together was easy but living together helped, we have a home studio so if somebody walks in it just becomes a collection of songs. We had the first 3 songs on EP done in one night.

Tell us about the EP artwork… who is it?

PDTHESAINT: he just sits on the sofa, the vibe checker.


What’s next, tour/festivals?

QUADE POUNDSIGN: We have shows in summer; some friends are signed so they might be having us along. Tokyo World might be on the cards but we are also shooting videos.We just released ‘Totally Wicked’. It has a Witch theme. We put a lot of events on ourselves, we are lucky to have a cult fan base. We have a lot of people around us like 10 Bag Boyz. Everyone’s as excited as everyone else, nobody’s got any money, everyone’s happy to get involved.


Where do you see yourselves this time next year?

PDTHESAINT: This isn’t an overnight thing, we’re doing a lot of it ourselves and just slowly getting bigger. By this time next year, I hope one of us will have got a break.

QUADE POUNDSIGN: Alive, I’m 26 years old I’ve been doing it for a while but I think we will catch a moment, this is the only thing that we are good at every year is progression anyway, I started in Bradford, then Leeds and then Manny. Spread like the plague.

It was great to chat with them both and I’m so excited to watch them progress further. I love the creativity coming out of Manchester at the moment and I feel like these two are right at the forefront.

You can watch the new video for the single ‘Totally Wicked’mentioned above HERE

Interview by Katie Muszanskyj