From the moment this song begins there’s a big energy about it, the kick and hi hats lay down some covering fire for the distorted guitars to really get to you. But the thing I like about this song is the lead singer’s vocals she’s channelling a bit of Stevie Nicks – I can bet she grew up with “Edge Of 17” as her lullaby because boy… I can imagine her going full on Stevie given half the chance. This is fantastic.

Shout out to the drummer giving the toms a good wallop too in the intro! 

Definitely one for the commute into London this morning!

According to their Spotify bio:

“If Bikini Kill and The Clash had a lovechild but it was raised by Courtney Love, chances are Femegades would be that kid. Hailing from London, the UK-based alt rock band are a refreshing gulp of clean air, delivering catchy, clean vocals and melodies framed by an energetic punk rhythm section.”


Review by Del Osei-Owusu