For this summer morning, I decided to go with a mid tempo hip hop track that fuses a bit of the blues in its beat with a lovely guitar, some whistling and some social commentary…

The lyrics are barbed, and get personal, lots of word play, it’s almost poetic, just what you want in a good solid lyric…

My favourite couplets are: “If I’m going to to reach the sky keep my feet on the ground…” and “I’m living this life like a virtual and if you see me glitching glitching shame…” giving me the imagery of an avatar clipping because the image is not great, is that a reference to the metaverse? Are we real? Lord knows. That’s philosophy for another day. 

The hook is so catchy, it will get you whistling for hours with the heatwave coming….

Fronted by Nigerian born Seun Babatola and consisting of musicians from all over Wales, Codewalkers are a vibrant fusion of cultures, ideas and musical styles. Combining rock,rap and reggae into a live show full of energy the band can deal with serious issues lyrically – gender, violence and societal expectations – but their music will always make you move.

The band were chosen to be on the 2019/2020 BBC Horizons scheme. Other highlights include being chosen as BBC Introducing Wales ‘Artist of the Week’ and securing funding from Arts Council of Wales under the Launchpad scheme.

Their latest track ‘The Way We Go’ came out on the 26th March and was played on BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Radio Wales amongst others.

Codewalkers are a busy gigging band and love bringing their music to life on stage. Previous shows include: HUB Festival, Swansea Fringe Festival, Acapela, Big Cwtch, Truefest, Cardiff Half Marathon, Big Love, Oxjam Cardiff.


Review by Del Osei-Owusu