No More Good News

The thing I like about this song is the guts that are needed to record this.

The vocals pack a punch from the beginning, lovely alto tone that make me feel really warm inside… all against a backdrop of gutsy punk rock grooves… the harmonies in the chorus are really speaking to me.

The lyrics:

“The curtains calling, that velvet cloud is coming down

The third acts over, the encore will have to go down the street

To a bar where we’ll meet for a drink-Can fill you up or pour you out…”

Pure theatrics in that… 

But this is where the gold is:

“There’s no more songs worth singing,

There’s no more hearts worth breaking,

Feet don’t- No don’t you fail me now.”

It’s they way that this is sung that really appeals to me, and Jojo And The Teeth shine. 

Their website is brilliant, they are a London based quintet fronted by Canadian Jojo Donoghue who found herself in the U.K. and decided to put together a band with some English boys which apparently was no easy feat.

Listen to the track HERE

Review by Del Osei-Owusu