Well! This is a bit of a cracker to begin with isn’t it?

Kick, snare, hats playing 16th notes to open over a 4 9 on the floor form, was what made me sit up.

Blimey this is good.

The bass comes in with the vocals for the verse and by this point I’m invested because that voice is very strong…

“It’s a certain kind of romance, 

You can feel it in the air, 

As the waves they crashed around you,

And whispering that they don’t care don’t care…

It’s written in the scriptures, 

On every page you’ve ever read…” 

Ahhh poetry! 

I love the way that chorus has a shouty bit you could imagine this going down well at a festival! 

The 48Ks are the 5 piece Doncaster based band consisting of Ryan Lightfoot on Lead Vocals, Steve Dale on Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals, Pete Liversidge on Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals, Alexander Murdoch on Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals and Chris Morrison on Drums & Backing Vocals.

The band was first formed when founding members Ryan Lightfoot and Steve Dale met while they were both in other bands. They started making music together and a strong songwriting partnership was formed and The 48Ks was born.

Listen to the track HERE

Review by Del Osei-Owusu