First up, I’d like to say that this song’s production is well thought out! It’s very pop, but it’s slick, not just thrown together. Definitely one that caught my ear.

Hourglvss have come up with a tune that has vocals to die for, for me it’s a callback to All Saints who they list as their influence but this is different there’s more soul to this, I’m a big fan of the 90s and I’m not ready to call it retro yet but this is close..

Listening to this on my headphones, I like the mix. The vocals sit right at the front. You can distinguish what’s going on. This has been well planned out. In the intro, the kick seems to be automated so when you listen carefully, it pans from left to right – possibly delayed so it surrounds you. – if this has been mixed in spatial audio then that would give more to weight to this theory – as this is a press copy I won’t know but… it’s fantastic anyway. 

I love the mix of those synths too, it just sits comfortably with the vocals, and the wondering lead guitar is a nice addition too. Once the track gets going you’re drawn in and that’s it… this is a perfect summer pop tune, very dreamy and with it’s quiet passages and builds… this has the potential to be an indie hit on the the radio.

Damn those vocals…

Yeah I’m definitely a fan. 

Hourglass are:

Katherine Benbow (Keys/Vox)

Sophie-May Williams (Keys/Vox)

Rosie Hamilton (Guitar)

Abby Butler (Bass)

Lauren James (Drums)

This is the follow up to “Supreme Beings”, and it has already received love from BBC Introducing, Radio 1, 6 Music and Radio X.

They’ve played Isle of Wight Festival this year and BeatHerder’s Main Stage, alongside Nile Rogers….

Ah you had me at Nile Rogers.

Listen to the track HERE NOW

Review by Del Osei-Owusu