Well this is a perfect chill out track for a sunday where we are still recovering from temps of around 30 degrees..

This is so relaxing I love Leilah’s vocals, it’s chilled, a little bit husky, and then a bit of processing to make her voice ring out as well.

The beat is sparse, subby 808 kick, the bass line deliciously raspy – likely a Moog? Please tell me it’s a Moog…. The synth stabs bring things up in the chorus, and this is where Leilah really opens up. There’s a bit where she goes triplets with her adlibs on “I’m faded…” and I am here for it! I’ll be honest it made me punch the air and shout YES!

It’s essentially a song about running away with someone, in this case ghosting, going off the radar for a bit, and kind of leaving your troubles behind.

Yeah I get that. 

So…. Who’s SBTRKT?

SBTRKT emerged onto the scene in the early 2010’s, going onto release two critically lauded albums. A prolific collaborator, he has worked with the likes of Ezra Koenig, ASAP Ferg, Little Dragon, Sampha, Drake, The Dream. His sound defines a generation, artfully combining elements from a multitude of genres to create undeniably groundbreaking tracks that exist on the fringes of popular music.

I can’t seem to find any info on Leilah other than the fact that SBTRKT started collaborating with her over the pandemic, and he co wrote the lyrics with her and this is the fruit of their works… Fantastic track!

Listen to the track HERE NOW

Review by Del Osei-Owusu