Without a doubt one of the best songwriters to grace our ears in recent years, the incredible Charlie Clark is back with another outstanding musical offering. The new single “I don’t mind if you’re right” is everything we’d expect from one of Scotlands best kept secrets and more. Following his acclaimed reunion with Glasgow pop-smiths ASTRID earlier this year, Clark gets back to his solo work with the release of this star-spangled guitar anthem just ripe for late summer listening.

Following on from outstanding previous releases like “Blink Of An Eye”, “Late Night Drinking” and “Don’t Have A Cow Man” which is one of my favourite records of last year, this blistering new release is perfect indie pop perfection. The swirling guitar intro glides perfectly into Charlie’s unmistakable bright vocal and instantly brings the listener into the world of Mr Clark. The track is another instant classic and you can hear the influence of such indie rock n roll giants like Teenage Fanclub, The Charlatans and Oasis while all the time being treated to the shoe gaze undertones of Ride. However, as with all of Charlie’s music it has that burst of individuality and uniqueness. Penned whilst Charlie was still working and living in Los Angeles, the track formed part of the sessions for his forthcoming debut solo album ‘Late Night Drinking’ which is set for release in November. “I Don’t Mind If You’re Right” is a song about opening your mind to change, being flexible (literally) and pushing yourself to the limits to get the best out of life, as Charlie explains………

“Some years ago, a friend of mine had asked me to write a song for a funeral. In return, they gave me a pass to The Golden Bridge, a famous yoga studio in Hollywood.  I’d never done Yoga before and waited till the pass had almost expired before I finally decided to try one class. To say I drank the Kool Aid is an understatement!  I continued to practice, study and embrace the world of Kundalini Yoga every single day in the years that followed.

There’s a real science that you can apply to your life with that particular style of yoga/meditation so life can get a little freaky when you go deep with it… it can push you beyond your limits. ‘I Don’t Mind If You’re Right’ touches more on what lies beyond that.”

Charlie Clark is a truly inspiring artist, as well as he’s phenomenal songwriting skills he is also a true promoter of new music having recently launched his independent label No big Deal Music which is a label on a mission to introduce independent music from the Scottish Highlands and Islands to the wider world. So far, Clark has already released inspiring tracks from Isle of Lewis native Scott C Park, Scottish highlands soloist The Joshua Hotel, plus ascending LA artist Clarke & The Himselfs.

“I Don’t Mind If You’re Right” released on the 26th August, is out now and should most definitely be added to your favourites playlist. The record has it all, beautiful melody’s guided by solid beats, a reverb ladened kaleidoscope of sound and a wonderful story to sink the mind into and switch off from the world.

Recorded and produced by Jason Shaw (Cambodian Space Project) and mastered by Mark Gardener from RIDE, the duo offer their expertise on a track that glitters with shoegazing guitars and glistens with a silvery hue of nostalgia.

“I love working with that pair and can’t really see myself working with anyone else in terms of my own music.” says Charlie.

With such a great true musical pioneering attitude, peacefulness and dedication its no wonder Charlie Clark is set to be a household name, not just in Scotland and L.A but both sides of the pond and everywhere in-between.


“A superb piece of jangle pop classicism, it seems to reference everyone from The Byrds and Big Star through to Teenage Fanclub”

“His recordings are full of beautiful, haunted melodies and stripped down plaintive acoustic beauty.”

“Immense choruses and deep heartfelt lyrics that serve to tighten the throat and quicken the pulse. It is vital and organic music: guitar driven indie pop at its very best”

Review by Jim Dolan