This is a gorgeous piano led ballad, but there’s so much beyond that, it builds up nicely around Adeline’s voice, in 6/8 time…

And boy can she sing. 

I like the way it changes gear around 1:33 bringing the drums and bass in to lift it up, really opening up things for vamps – this could be a blast to play live. This song is essentially about a break up, and how it’s dealt with – it’s like it’s hard to let go and my take on it is how damaging it could be if they don’t let go.

Adeline came to my attention via Danny Death Disco, and I am playing her on my show in the future. She’s a Korean/American artist based in Scotland with an interesting background – studied at Berklee, musical roots based in EDM – this is quite a departure then! She’s performed the national anthem at Fenway Park, performed at the Grammy museum for Lalah Hathaway, in 2021, she went on a Sofar Sounds Tour along the East Coast, culminating in a most notable performance at the House of Blues Chicago.

Listen to the track Here Now

Words by Del Osei-Owusu