Every once in a while a songwriter comes along that knocks you off your feet and Laurie Wright is just that. This lads music is pure Rock n Roll, not the whisky drinking swagger kind of Rock n Roll but the 100mph high octane 1960’s Harmonica filled original kind. The kind that makes you stand up and shake rattle and roll. This lads live shows are like watching Steve Marriott, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis all rolled into one guitar welding figure who owns the stage wows the crowds and lives every musical moment to the absolute full.

Laurie’s brand new single most certainly shows all these skills and more. It really is a fast paced, straight off the bat, knock you sideways, huge indie rock n roll anthem. It’s high octane in the extreme and takes no prisoners. It’ll have you jumping around in unadulterated joyous abandonment before you even get to the end of the first verse. As with all of Mr Wright’s previous releases like “West End Lover” and “After The End Of The World” you can hear so many great influences from the world of rock n roll but Laurie is not just the influenced but an influencer himself, constantly growing an army of loyal fans including the likes of The Libertines and Liam Gallagher, not to mention all of us over here at The Songbird HQ and pretty much anyone who’s ever came into contact with him, seen a live show or heard the records.

The track starts off with a click of the sticks, a wild riff and from this moment on you better be wearing a seat belt because this tune has G force. No word of a lie, you could train fighter pilots with this belter. As the guitar drops out to the stomp of the drums, enter in Laurie’s wonderfully scratchy vocal, which is like a cross between Marriott’s cockney twang and Lennon’s twist and shout. supported by his incredible band made up of Chris Faice on Guitar, Ciaran O’keeffe on Harmonica, Josh Morgan on Bass and Jimbo Busswell on Drums these boys really make a noise that will without a doubt stand the test of time. Rock n Roll will never die with these lads smashing it up at every given opportunity. I first came across Laurie and the lads in a youtube video I saw of them belting out pure numbers to a huge crowd of onlookers in Camden high street. A full band set up right there outside Camden tube in the middle of the day. Now what could be better than that after exiting the world famous tube station. Instantly I saw a Rockstar and instantly I became a fan.

Laurie Wright is nothing less than a force of nature possessing a raw and genuine talent. Having graced the stages of the famous Glastonbury Festival aged just 16, you can start to gauge the level of talent that he possesses. Life hasn’t always been easy for Laurie Wright, opportunities presented to him at such a young age also brought with them a downside which culminated in his becoming addicted to Class A drugs and Alcohol. Things compounded and he found himself regularly facing homelessness between the ages of 19-28. While the global pandemic and various lockdowns saw many struggling, it was during this time that Laurie really turned his life around. He cleaned up his act, and began to seriously focus once more on his music. Starting off with him winning The Libertines ‘Talented Fans’ Competition and being called the ‘next big thing’ by Carl Barat. He has also recorded at the world famous home of the Beatles, the one and only Abbey Road Studios, wowed the crowds at festivals including Lakefest and Reeperbahn in Hamburg. Toured with the mighty Skinner Brothers, supported the Cribs and still finds the time to engage with his ever growing army of fans through his personal videos and social media content. Even though this geezer is out of this world he’s feet are well and truly placed on the ground and his humble, polite and kind nature really makes him a true star.

‘The Rockstar and The Fan’ is a perfectly written Rock n Roll record with a fantastic storyline. Talking about the track Laurie tells us……….

“The song is about the incorrect way we often approach relationships, and we’ve all been guilty of this at least once. Putting people on pedestals, will put you out of favour – ‘Treat someone like a rockstar and they’ll treat you like a fan.”

The Rockstar and The Fan’ is out now on all platforms so do your ears a favour and get on it. I seriously doubt there’s anyone out there who could listen to this record and not instantly want to spin around like a mad man and embrace that spirit of rock n roll.

Listen to The Rockstar and The Fan HERE NOW


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Words by Jim Dolan