Now this is a well produced track, melding indie pop with some analogue synth noises, and great musicianship!

First up the vocals are put through quite a chain, the filters on the verse make it sound like it’s sound through a tannoy, imagine those little speakers that you used to see at fairs and fetes, but at the same time the music keeps its consistency right at the front. There’s a slight echo on it too which is nice!

The chorus is what got me, layered harmonies.

“I’m drinking your coolaid, it’s what I gotta do to survive.” That’s my favourite line.

This has such an otherworldly sound to it, especially with the analogue synth sounds that are deployed here, there’s a piano that is played at a higher octave, plus in place of a guitar solo there’s a synth lead, nice bit of playing there too! Pitch bend in use. Good work!

Nick AKA Neon Liston, is an Edinburgh musician producing out of his little basement flat in Edinburgh. Inspired by the likes of tame impala & LCD sound system nick produces an alternative pop style of music. Historically, his father’s musical career in the 60/70’s inspired Nick to begin making music in the naughties. Fronting the Edinburgh band Epic26 up to 2011, they played along side the likes of Everything Everything, Shy Child, Glasvagas And Hockey…Breaking up after they’re final gig inside Saughton Prison.

Since then Neon Liston Has been tinkering with his musical interests. Releasing a variety of styles his Previous releases include ‘Say It Anyway’ a song about not holding back, ‘Funny Friday’ a coming of age track and, ‘Bread Street Days’
a tribute to one of Edinburghs most colourful streets.

Neon Liston music is available on all good streaming sites. LISTEN HERE NOW

Words Del Osei-Owusu