Greysha is back with a song that matches audio to description! This starts off with rain, and a guitar riff that’s a low rumble. There’s a reverse effect that clips every last note in the bar and it’s very cool! I like that!

Greysha’s vocals are dark and full of pure theatrics- you can hear her purr if I can say this. This is is nothing new as it’s part of Greysha’s MO. 

I love the way that this song is produced especially with the sound effects – like I said with the aforementioned thunder and rain, the pitch down on the word slow… this is class! 

Greysha is a singer songwriter based in Shropshire, UK. She first began to upload covers and covers at the age of 14 and quickly gained a following. She released her debut single “Life Goes Fluently” (Liking this title must check it out) in February 2020 and followed with her second in early 2021.

Listens to the track here now

Review by Del Osei-Owusu