This is a pop house track, and it hits hard! The EQing which I’m guessing is automated is pretty good, and bodes well for the rest of the production – and what a production!

The drums are punchy and so is the synth bass, and really rings out nicely! 

Sarah B Ladybnow’s vocals sound really rich for me, nice and warm, especially in the chorus – the vocals are layered with harmonies coming and going through the track, the vocal arrangements aren’t thrown around like it can be on a pop track this is different. This would go down a treat on the dance floor for sure! 

There’s a breakdown point at 2:49 that would come in very handy for remixers!

Having a sneak peek on Dan’s twitter he’s a very capable keyboard player, looks like they’ve got live shows coming up too. This could be fun! 

Hailing from the rural setting of Herefordshire in the UK, Dan became a musician at an early age. 

Early memories of spending Saturdays in local music shops, playing the instruments of the 70’s & 80’s, developed into a love of music and the associated technology – something that became both a vocation and a passion.

Dan has many styles of interest – predominantly focusing on material that creates an interest or intrigue: be it sounds or music. 

This particular venture focuses on his love of Electronic Ambient music. After being introduced to it during the 90’s through close friend (and respected fellow artist) Si Matthews at University, despite moving into a Pop-Music production career with reggae group, UB40, Dan has always been an appreciator of the genre.

Sarah B Ladybnow Sarah B Ladybnow is a UK based singer/songwriter predominantly working in the deep house/vocal house/future house genre she’s regularly getting love on BBC Introducing.

It doesn’t surprise me. 

That voice is so good.

Listen here now

Review by Del Osei-Owusu