What I like about this song is the simplicity of the music itself, the chords first of all caught my attention, it’s just a guitar but it’s really soulful – I love it! The beat is a mix of hip hop and a tinny hi hat.

Olivia’s vocals come in low flying, part of it with barely any reverb but there is a distinction because some of the lines have a bit of filter and some don’t, this makes her stand out. 


“I guess I’ll never get it,

Cos I’ve never been attached, 

But if you ever change your mind

Baby I’m yours…” 

This is how we are introduced to this song.

Love it.

From what I can find about Olivia, it seems she’s from Manchester, her Spotify simply says “tig bitties.”

Listen to the track here now

Review by Del Osei-Owusu