One thing you need to realise is that JFlames is a chameleon when it comes to making music. To drop a house music instrumental album from someone known for his love of hip hop and soul, this is a big departure.

This particular track combines a space age sounding synth for the stabs and a great solid kick, I love that sound! The delayed snare is beautiful, it rings around you as you listen, and the hi hat tambourine/hi hat hybrid is low in the mix but it gives you that classic house feel. This is a slow burner, this is JFlames at his best, delivering beats that low key get you grooving without thinking about it.

JFlames is a producer, rapper, songwriter from south London, he’s worked with his brother Ruinz Ason on various projects and this is his latest on his own. Available on all platforms.

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Words by Del Osei-Owusu