ANOTHER DAY are the Kent based band made up of brothers Louis Hillier on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Jonte Hillier on Bass, cousin Charlie Kish on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals along with friend and newest member Harley Drighton on Drums.

Although only in their teens, don’t be fooled by their age, these lads are seriously talented musicians and songwriters putting many of their older peers to shame . They deliver a tight and powerful musical punch. The songwriting skill of Louis is evidenced in his mature and relatable lyrics which are complemented by brother Jonte on bass and Harley on drums keeping time and rhythm to kick forth cousin Charlie’s scorching lead guitar riffs and hooks.

The band have only released one previous single to date, being their debut release of ‘Quicksand’ on the 27th October, but there’s already a real buzz surrounding these boys. They’re quickly becoming one of the must see live acts on the circuit. With Louis’ background as a world class freestyle trampoline athlete they’re connecting the dots between this new era of breakout rock and the extreme sports world. Their high octane live performances are electrifying and gravity defying in equal measure. Along with the incredible music being performed you can also expect to see scooters, bikes, skateboards and  flips being pulled both on and off the stage!

There’s an indisputable  and undeniable raw power to their live shows, which are fresh, authentic and exciting. It’s impressive that in such a relatively short space of time, Another Day have racked up an impressive array of gigs around the UK, including London, Bristol, Northampton, Hastings, Warwick, Birmingham, Brighton as well as in their home stomping ground in Kent.

The band’s debut single ‘Quicksand’ has been received to much critical acclaim too by the likes of Leo Ulph from BBC Uploading who said  “This reminds me so much of Ash’s debut album 1977, in so many ways, so raw and visceral, riff laden, rasping vocals, great stuff!”   From BBC Introducing Stephen Brown  “A great band, and worth checking out…. They’re very much going places!” and Underground Sound who said  “Really well put together indie rockers with bags of potential! Well written songs, great rhythmic elements and good stage presence!”

Given the full throttle attitude that this band possess by the bucketload, they’re wasting no time and are ready and raring to go with the release of their colossal  follow-up single ‘The College Song’.

‘The College Song’ with its 90’s Britpop melodies and Grunge inspired vocals will whip you up into a frenzy and spin you around in delight. The tempo ebbs and flows, zooms up and then slows right down again as it changes direction throughout. Relaxed verses are balanced with powerful chorus hooks. This is a track that will most definitely keep you on your toes! As the crescendo builds and the lyrics chant “This is my time to shine” you’re drawn into that feeling and are carried along with the pounding drums and sonic guitar riffs into the notion that this is indeed ‘your time, the time is now and there’s no time to waste’! So, what are you waiting for? let loose and seize the moment that this track is offering on all levels!

Louis has said of the track:-

“After our first release Quicksand, which was a short and punchy tune, we wanted the second to build into something with real power. I found a chord progression that I hadn’t used before, which allowed for some great melodies to ride over. A relaxed vibe to the verse, and then an unexpected tempo change in the pre-chorus,  launches you into a catchy, powerful main chorus with raging guitars and a bassline that follows the hook. We recorded the track live as well, which I think gives it loads of authentic energy.

The lyrics are pretty straight forward. It’s about being your own person and doing what the fuck you want!”

‘The College Song’ was recorded at The Libertines  HQ, The Albion Rooms Studio in Margate and was mixed and engineered by Jason Stafford and mastered by Graham Waller.

Upcoming Gigs 

17 December – Headlining The Emerging Bands Showcase in Goudhurst

31 December – The Vine, New Year’s Eve Party in Goudhurst

Early 2023 dates to be released soon for Bristol, Northampton, London, Maidstone, and Hastings – keep an eye on socials for further details. 









Words by Sally Newman