Back in 2019 VIDA were a band on the up, championed by both Kieren Webster (The View) and Steve Craddock (Ocean Colour Scene) they were without a doubt moving in the right direction, gigs the length and breadth of the UK and even an appearance on Soccer AM, but then the band split, with lead singer Jamie Pollock persuing a solo career.

VIDA are back, with a new line up for 2023, 3 surviving members as well as 3 new additions and they’re planning to pick up where they left off!

‘Different Storm’ is a solid return, and still has the psychedelic sound from before, lyrically and musically it wouldn’t be out of place on The Verve’s ‘Urban Hymns’ album.

The lyrics would suggest the band has been wounded by what’s went on in the last few years with references to vulnerability, but also hints at a will to succeed and also eager to move in a different direction “when the light’s come on, you play a different storm”

The song has an atmospheric beginning, massive chorus, cracking guitar solo’s and the obligatory VIDA harmonies and towards the end we get the call to arms “we’re all down and we’re ready to go, with us now we’re dreaming of more”

As they say in the chorus “defying cynical, you say it’s biblical”

It might not be biblical yet but give these boys a bit of time to get back in the groove and it might just be!

VIDA are:

Original members

Nate Evans (Guitar)

Jamie Piggott (Drums/Vocals)

Greg Ballantyne (Keys)

And new members

Colin Davidson (Vocals/Guitar)

Evan Cameron (Bass)

Jacob Franklyn (Guitar/Vocals)

Different Storm is released on Friday 10th March and can be pre-saved here.

VIDA will be performing live on 9th April at Depot Falkirk and Tickets can be purchased here.



Review by Martin Morel