This song is… 


What do I mean? 

Well given the way that the world is today, Gregory is telling the truth. 

The way that technology and life in general has changed in a short amount of time is documented in the first 2 lines

“We need a fast connection to keep up the pace,

Speeding up through each day and night.”

As the song begins its race to the end (We will come back to the arrangement in s tick), he talks about the the advances even further, where we are running out of space for satellites. 

I like the way that this song is a commentary on modern day life, and how we cannot change how things now the way that the human race as a whole has advanced, even though we still haven’t learned a thing.

So sad but true.

To the arrangement!

It goes at a fast pace at the beginning, starting off with a single G note being played on the strings above a synth arrangement that chugs along nicely. At 0:28 the drums come in and they really add to the pace of the song, great monster fills, and it really rounds out the track entirely. 

I love Gregory’s vocals on this, and it really brings the song together really well.

Oh wait….

There’s a something I need to point out here…. 

That’s Jason Mraz on synths. 

Jason Mraz. 

On synths.

Big shout out to that monster drummer James East! Chef’s kiss to you sir, and your brother in rhythm  Enrique Platas on bass.

Page muses, “If you were to tell me a decade ago while I was recording original songs with a Ragtime Orchestra, that in 2023 I’d be releasing a new album written on a battery powered synthesizer, I wouldn’t have believed you.” The artist explains, “Through this new collection of songs, I struggle to feel at ease in the modern world, in which most of the time I feel lost. On this album, I abandon my trusty acoustic guitar and replace it with the Omnichord. This is a concept album that tells a story of the modern experience in 12 chapters”:

  1. The World’s Gone Mad
  2. F The Future 
  3. Modern Man
  4. Fall Into You 
  5. Dinner and a Movie 
  6. Low Then High 
  7. Disconnected Dreams 
  8. Let’s Escape 
  9. A Modern Love Story 
  10. Plan B 
  11. Are You Ready? 

“The World’s Gone Mad” was produced by Jason Mraz & Gregory Page and was recorded, mixed & mastered by Robbie Robinson.The album will be available for pre-order and purchase on CD, Vinyl Record, and Cassette through Interrabang.  Website linked HERE 



Review by Del Osei-Owusu