Review Written by Sally Newman (What.Sally.Said) 13th February 2019

DIRTY ORANGE are a four-piece band hailing from South West London and consists of George Wilkins on Lead Vocals & Guitar, George Bennett on Guitar, Scott Thompson on Bass and Connor O’Shea on Drums & Backing Vocals.

The Band admit that they have a huge variation of influences, yet confirm that they have an affiliation with the likes of Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, The Strokes and The Libertines, to name, but a few. Of their music they have been quoted as saying ” it’s always been about raw guitar music with meaningful lyrics!” So, what’s not to love then huh!

DIRTY ORANGE had a majorly successful year in 2018 and have been widely touted at the “Ones to Watch” in 2019 after sell-out gigs throughout the whole of the UK during the course of the year. They also undertook a mini European tour with headline shows, encompassing gigs in cities such as Paris and Barcelona.

The year 2018 ended for Dirty Orange with a landmark headline show at the iconic Dingwalls in Camden where they undisputedly thrilled their audience and left them wanting more, more, more! The wait for fans is now over however, as Dirty Orange are set to release their eagerly anticipated new single entitled “Hellraiser” on the 22nd February 2019.

Of the new release, front man, George Wilkins, had this to say; “To put it plainly, the song was inspired by the late great Lemmy Kilmister and his fans. To me, he epitomises ‘Hellraiser’, a live by your
own limits attitude, yet without glamorising it. He’s as truer Rockstar as you’ll find and was a huge character. The music scene is a much lesser place without him.”

The new single, “Hellraiser” has been by produced by Wolsey White (who also produced Hard-Fi’s two UK number 1 best-selling albums) at Richard Archer’s Cherry Lips Studio.

On working with the legendary Wolsey White, The Band commented, “working with Wolsey White on the single was an incredible experience. We chose to record ‘Hellraiser’ because we felt it had the elements to become a great song, and over the course of the process with Wolsey it soon became apparent we were onto something.”

The release of “Hellraiser” coincides with a run of UK show dates, including a headline show at the infamous “Water Rats” London on February 23rd, as well as shows in Leeds (sold out), Manchester and Birmingham. Hurry and secure your tickets for these gigs quickly though guys as I can promise you that they won’t be hanging around for long……

So, as this is my review, here is my opinion… If you like your music to have feeling and depth to it and to literally punch you in your central core and leave you screaming out for more, then this is the band for you! Their raw and energetic sound will awaken your senses and heighten your musical delight beyond the realms of the mediocre, lack-lustre offerings that we, as a collective, are too often bombarded with these days. Dirty Orange are a most welcome and refreshing shake-up to the somewhat complacent music world.

If you would like more information or to contact Dirty Orange then they can be contacted on the following links ;

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As mentioned above the new single from Dirty Orange is due for release on the 22nd February, you can listen to the new single here NOW:-

Or you can also access it through Spotify and Soundcloud as well as the Bands own personal social media channels as from that date. 

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