Russian Interference

Future Of Legend although they prefer to be known simply as F.O.L. are an Essex based indie rock band consisting of Adam (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Dan (Bass/BackingVox), Rob (Lead Guitar) and Bryn (Drums).

The band first met in and around the mid 90’s when they all used to hang out in the same crowds in their hometown of Clacton on Sea. All of them were in and out of other bands at the time, but they soon realised that they had a mutual and combined love for the same full on rock n roll music and so in December 2019 F.O.L was officially born.

The Bands debut single “Quarter Past Midnight (00:15)” was released on the 21 November 2020 and it was well received within the industry receiving radio airplay on BBC Introducing Essex on the Ollie Winiberg Show.

F.O.L.’s latest single “Russian Interference” was released yesterday (01.02.21) and its another hard hitting rousing anthem from the Essex four piece. The track hits you hard from the get-go with its bold intro and haunting guitar rifts leaving you fully hooked. The track continues its assault on your senses with its pounding, rhythmic drumming and heavy guitar reverbs coupled with the intensity of the kitchen sink commentary lyrics that tell the listener the story of the trial and tribulations of modern everyday life from Government conspiracy theories and media manipulation, all set to the sound of real rock n roll intensity. Its a modern classic in the making putting us in mind of the likes of Oasis, Primal Scream and The Clash.

This band are loud and ooze confidence and have the conviction that they believe in the music that they are making and for that reason, I cant wait to see them perform live as I think that this is where this band will truly come into their own and come alive.

Lead singer Adam says;

“With our music, we are always striving for writing high energy rock n roll songs with killer riffs and anthemic choruses…”

Job done then lads, job done!

Aside from this latest single release, F.O.L. also plan to release an album in 2021 and we for one, are very much looking forward to hearing more from this band.

Listen to “Russian Interference” here now