Will They or Won’t They?!

So one of the most frequently asked questions in the music industry always seems to be will or won’t Oasis ever get back together? Considering the very public displays of sibling rivalry between the two brothers, Liam and Noel, which has been played out over the years, this seemed to be extremely unlikely as time passed and more and more insults were hurled back and forth.

That is until now……

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, it would seem that the Gallagher brothers have once again joined forces and rekindled their brotherhood in the creation of a joint company together. That company being a film production company which they’ve called “Kosmic Kyte” The company has been registered at Companies House and the purpose of the company is described as “Motion Picture Production Activities”Both Liam and Noel are named as Directors of the company with their roles being deemed as active from the 24th February 2021 and the Company Secretary being named as Alex from their record label Ignition.

So, we know for sure that the brothers have indeed put their sibling rivalry to one side and have started this new joint business venture together, but we are left to speculate as to its exact purpose.

Liam, as always has been quite vocal on his Twitter feed and has posted comments like “There gonna put in the movie, There gonna make a big star out of me c’mon you know LG x” and this certainly points towards the fact that he has set up a film company, but further that he is also going to be the main “star” in any movie made.

Of course, this year sees the 25th Anniversary of Oasis’ legendary Knebworth 2 day gig which was on the 10th and 11th August 1996 when they played to the biggest crowds ever recorded at the site to 250,000 fans. Perhaps the plan is to make a movie documenting Knebworth at 25 years on and given that the brothers seem to be friends again, maybe, just maybe there’s a chance of a 25th Anniversary Oasis Reunion gig!!???

Wonder if there’s a way to check forthcoming bookings at Knebworth……….


Photo credits – The Sun, GQ, RadioX