I first met Jesse Duah, the drummer of Blue Kubricks, at a gig in the Northern Guitars shop in Leeds in December 2018. Sipping on a pint and rolling ciggies in the smoking area, talking about the bands and local acts that were playing inside, he also gleefully told me of their upcoming singles and planned gigs. I’d heard of the bands on-stage and off-stage antics before from my mate in Manchester, and coincidently their long-time friend and collaborator, singer-guitarist Joe Moores of the now disbanded psych-rock outfit Jane Doe. They subsequently played at a few of my Old Abbey Taphouse gigs, and we remained in touch consistently online,supporting one another’s music as genuine fans.

Their second single “Heroin” really touched home for me, funky bluesy riffs, with lyrics touching on the vanity of glamorised musical fame coupled with drug abuse. Jim, Jesse’s brother and fellow founding member of the band, cringes with soul and raspy vocals, “I do heroin everyday cos I’m famous, and I screw Evelyn everyday cos I’m fine.” Punctuated by Jesse’s incredible self-taught drumming, they lost their drummer a year or so back, and he quickly moved from rhythm guitar and backing vocals to percussion to fill the void!

Their 2020 single, “You’re a Beach,” was my all-time favourite from the band so far, lo-fi intro and once again, funky guitars and bass riffs carried by Jim’s wicked vocal delivery. It’s a single that’s reminiscent of popular 90’s bands like Blur, Hootie and the Blowfish and Counting Crows, but with a unique 21st century twist and use of atmospheric noises to truly place the listener into their musical world.

Their new track, “Latin”, is way more on the gritty indie-rock side, heavily distorted guitars provided by lead-guitarist Jacob, accompanied by Jim’s fast paced emotive, punky vocals. With a nice half time drop, that only lasts a few seconds in the middle of the song, it carries the delivery and keeps you listening and rocking your head up and down to the beat. The music video, like their others, is absolute class. Jim dressed as a priest/preacher, singing about sin and sarcastic notions of self worth.

This band have so much promise and ability, both musically and in terms of presenting their collective personalities. I was waiting around for them to get signed, always perplexed as to why they hadn’t been picked up by a label, as they sure as hell talk the talk and walk the walk. Now, low and behold, only a few weeks back, they were signed to Monomyth Records, a Leeds based record label with a good track record of signing and launching local Yorkshire bands.

What I’ve enjoyed the most so far from Blue Kubricks, is their varied output. They also have a beautiful instrumental single, “Jermaine”, that shows of their musical expertise and talent for writing catchy riffs with pop leanings.

Some words from the band:

Alex (the bassist) described the new track as: “Racing along at a blistering pace, irresistibly propelled by ferocious drumming and a driving bass-line, which provide a granite foundation for the irreverent, uncompromising vocals and filthy guitar lines. With “Latin”, Blue Kubricks mix rock, punk and indie-pop to create a unique musical melange of their own design that demands immediate attention and takes no prisoners.”

Jesse called the track: “An Aggressive, thrashy and balls to the wall anthem that places me well and truly behind the drum kit as soon as the lyrics “never drunk enough to drive” pierce my eardrums”

It’s up to you now, the readers, check out their tunes and be sure to catch their memorable, blistering live performances once we’re allowed out again, they’re more than worth it.







Photo credits – Blue Kubricks