Meet Our Sponsors

We are delighted to have recently teamed up with the amazing Custom Kicks Hull on our Tracks of the Week Feature.

Custom Kicks are based in Hull, East Yorkshire and was set up by 3 close friends. They are a company that can happily say that they don’t really have a lot of “rules” and they plan to keep it that way!

The company is jointly owned by Craig, James and Callum, and they are a company that self professes that they celebrate “The Creative, The Artist, The Football Supporter, New Music and Alternative Fashion” – which obviously made them an obvious choice for us to team up with.

The idea behind the company was the brain child of Craig and James, and Callum joined shortly after.

As team of 3 creatives who are self trained and self taught, they do everything in house which is what sets them apart from other companies. Design, prep, printing, customisation, stitching, painting, you name it, its all done by them!

After months of solid work behind the scenes they initially started out with an endorsement from up and coming Geordie solo artist Andrew Cushin, and then they hit the market, they say everything happens for a reason and they are now pleased to say that business is now booming.

The three partners have been working incredibly hard over the last 12 months, already working with artists such as Shambolics and The Clockworks and they are now thrilled to be officially endorsed by legendary music mogul and visionary founder of Creation Records Alan McGee.

Custom Kicks have said that

“Alan Mcgee and his It’s Creation Baby record label have been so supportive from the start alongside other hero’s such as The Songbird HQ, especially Sally Newman who’s a legend in her own right, and it’s so great to be working alongside likeminded people when it comes to our ethos. Huge shout-outs also to Jamie Kelly and Darren Forbes of Shambolics too, they’ve been such a huge help with what we’re doing and aiming to achieve.

Custom Kicks say that their aim is to share a creative platform believing in simple hard work, keeping solid focus and being realistic. They believe that “You get wherever you want to be, but do it for YOU because if you’re doing it for someone else’s approval you’re never going to succeedBusiness might be business but everyone should be a punk because that’s how industries change and creative movements happen!!!

Watch out for our Tracks of The Week with Custom Kicks shared across The Songbird_HQ every Friday.