Liverpool based The Mono LPs is comprised of  Ste Reid on lead Vocals/Guitar Vicky Reid on Cello and Vocals, Chris Barlow on Bass and Tom McCabe on Drums.

The Mono LPs are a band that were formed by circumstance and pure chance, when Ste chanced upon Vicky in a coffee shop. Intrigued by the huge case that Vicky was holding, Ste struck up a conversation and asked her what string instrument she was playing…. fate struck and they not only formed a band together, but the pair are also now married!

With the somewhat unusual addition of a cello in the band, The Mono LPs’ produce a distinct yet unique sound which has earned them a loyal fanbase. They’ve previously received praise from the likes of NME, LOUDER THAN WAR and BBC Introducing and high profile fans in the music industry including the likes of Mick JonesAlan McGee, Blood Red Shoes and The View. They’ve also impressed crowds at their live shows at Kendal Calling and Sound City as well as selling out home town gigs at the famous The Cavern Club and The Zanzibar in Liverpool.

The Band released their debut album ‘States of Decay’ to critical acclaim in 2016, and their long awaited forthcoming new album‘Shuffle/Play’ is set for release on Fretsore Records tomorrow (23rd April).

Ahead of the album, The Mono Lp’s have released the single Think About It which is an electronic, synth pop retro vibes song, that channels all that is and was great about the 1980’s.

Its an ultra fast paced track with synth drums, rocking guitar riffs and post punk lyrics being fired at you at 100 miles at hour. This track hits you like a gale force wind and leaves you wide eyed and breathless, pupils dilated and wanting more!

“when everybody says you’re wrong, you gotta think about it.”

Ste has said of the track:

“”Think About It” is our love letter to the ’80s….It came about through watching Stranger Things and loving that Juno 6 synth sound. We loved the arpeggiator on the TV theme and started experimenting with bringing synths into our sound with this song. It was the first song we really got into on the album and started experimenting with.

Listen to “Think About It” here now.