GROUNDED TRUTH” is the brand new solo single by John Power which was released on Its Creation Baby on the 22nd July. The new release further soundtracks a short film showcasing the new Adidas Spezial Collection (the film is available to watch here now – The short film primarily documents John recording the track in Abbey Road Studios.

Power was head-hunted by longtime fan and curator of Adidas Spezial: Gary Aspden. Over the last 8 years, Aspden has been responsible for developing the Adidas Spezial range and building its authentic cultural connections with Adidas fans worldwide. With that in mind, Aspden felt Power was the perfect fit for their latest campaign.

Hallmarked with his worldly-wise lyricism and distinctive Merseyside brogue, the track finds Power in the classic songwriting form that has continued to inspire through the generations. Featuring just Power, an acoustic guitar and subtle piano accompaniments, “Grounded Truth leaves the space open and atmosphere uncluttered to let its impactful lyrics take centre stage.

The song is about “looking within yourself to find universal truths as an antidote to all the noise we are subject to in our daily lives right now”, the lyrics find one of the Northwest’s most thoughtful and intelligent songwriters at his most wistful and observational best.

Power adds: “Enjoyment, thrills and experience are all very much a part of growing up. You want it and you are hungry for it and you put yourself in a line of fire for it….To my younger self I’d say I probably should have taken my foot off the pedal a bit. It’s funny how life passes by whilst you’re living it.”

Sung through the vocals of a seminal artist who has seen it all but lives for telling stories in his own unmistakable way, the release of “Grounded Truth” offers a meaningful and relevant collaboration definitive of our times.



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