Aerial Salad are definitely not your average band, these boys are not just one of the most original sounding punk outfits since the days of safety pins in noses and green mohawks they also remind me of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer! Their Aerial Salad TV is genuinely hilarious, completely natural and without a doubt makes you want to join these boys for beers and Jäger shots. Having been around for almost six years now, featuring on pretty much every punk playlist on Spotify and getting countless spins on Radio X, BBC and RTE as well as featuring on Soccer AM the Aerial Salad boys are making some serious moves. They even got the attention of England legend Stewart Pearce who bigged them up on the Talksport breakfast show which is listened to by millions. Selling out gigs all over the UK and embarking on several European tours their popularity is gathering momentum every day. They even managed to shift hundreds of copies of their second album ‘Dirtmall’ over the lockdown without being able to play a single gig!

The wonderfully titled new single ‘Spit On My Face’ is the follow up to the pogo-tastic ‘John’ which I myself could not stop playing, a fantastic record which gave me endless fun, not just listening to, but sending to everyone I know called John just for shits and giggles. The main thing I love about the Salads is how they seem to of captured that iconic punk sound of the 70’s and mixed it with an almost ‘John Cooper Clark’ like storying telling. 

‘Spit On My Face’ being no exception, on first listen it instantly took me back to my youth, it made me want to go outside, ride a BMX and throw stones at windows. It literally took me back to Kingsbury Pool when I was a lad, it was an old abandoned pool, no water, so it was ace for riding bikes listening to punk rock music, throwing stones and breaking stuff, that’s kinda what we did as youth before the internet in north west London, it was a fantastic time to be alive. Listening to Aerial Salad is like a time machine for any punk rocker, ’Spit On My Face’ makes you want to call your mates up, get some guitars and smash out three chords, get steaming and forget you got rent, bills, work and an annoying neighbour that plays Max Bygraves records on repeat every Friday night.

Aerial Salad are proper grafters. Releasing everything on their own label Roach Industries, booking their own tours and funding it all themselves. The music itself screams of grit, graft and determination and the Salads are living proof of life imitates art. To sum it up ‘Spit On My Face’ is a belter, ‘John’ is a belter, Aerial Salad tv is a belter so the next time you have a salad for tea make sure it has an aerial sticking out of it.

Spit On My Face‘ is out now on all platforms and the boys will be touring this winter with their own shows and supporting SNUFF and are sure to be the talk of the summer festivals both on stage and off next year. Top Lads!





Words by JIM DOLAN