Sleigh bells. 6/8 time. Bells. Folksy vocals. Singalong chorus.

Yep, it’s that time of year again!

Kyle Falconer rocks up with a lovely tune that you could just imagine playing out of the radio on Christmas Eve, in between John Lennon’s Merry Christmas War Is Over and THAT Pogues record…

Frankly I’ll take this over that record any day. 

Yes I said it. 

Anyway, it’s a great tune, and is about not being alone at Christmas. 

Something we can all relate to over the last year. 

It’s a duet – Rianne Downey is singing the response to it and she’s no slouch I love her vocals… more please Rianne!

This song is warming the cockles of my heart and may make those who hate Christmas songs like this more. It’s just a song with a chorus that just sings out!

So who’s Kyle Falconer?

Well… he’s a very interesting guy! He’s from Scotland and is the lead singer of MERCURY Nominated band The View. He’s had a busy old year – a new album and three singles! Couple this with albums in 2020 and 2019…. Oh and a new baby born recently, does this lad ever rest?

His duet partner on this track, Rianne is a singer songwriter in her own right, as well as a guitarist, she’s also engaged in live dates this year – having heard her for the first time on this song, I will definitely be checking her out.

The track was recorded at the home of Kyle’s friend and band mate The musician/producer/DJ Ryzy MacKay and it was mixed in LA by Frankie Siragusa and was mastered by Charlie Russell in London.

Listen to “Jingle All The Way” here.

Words by DEL OWUSU