It’s been a wild few years for Cassyette. From viral Tik Tok stardom as a result of showcasing her guttural growls that could make the devil himself feel pathetic to donning the Download Festival Pilot stage alongside Frank Carter.

Cassyette did not stutter ONCE in 2021 and we don’t expect anything less from her in 2022. This Scream Queen isn’t here to take part she’s here to take over!

Credit – Nat Wood

The devilishly dark new single from CassyetteBehind Closed Doors’ features fellow Cultur Cult member, Kid Brunswick. The Grit Pop floor filler was self-released through ‘Devil Land’ Cassyette’s Independent label and debuted on BBC Radio 1 as Clara Amfo’s “Hottest Record in The World”. It’s the kind of song that bones will be broken to in the pit, sorry!

Cassyette and Kid Brunswick complement each other perfectly on the track, they both have harsh screaming and soft singing ranges within their voices, between the two you never quite know what’s coming next. Are they going to serenade us or hang us out to dry?

The heavy guitars and electronic beat mixed with the unpredictable vocals create a futuristic melody of angry, sexy mayhem. We should make ‘angry, sexy mayhem’ a genre and slap it on anything artists from ‘Cultr Cult’ release. It works for us at Songbird HQ and we want more.

We have been lucky enough to catch the ‘Dear Goth’ singer on multiple occasions including her headline K! Pit with Kerrang!, her Halloween gig with the Cultur Cult crew and opening for Willow in Camden’s Electric Ballroom.Cassyette’s not short of live shows and becomes even more unapologetically vicious with each one.

Join the Songbird HQ next month and catch this divine feminine monster energy for yourself on Cassyettes ‘Mayhem’ Tour. Grab tickets here(

Words by Katie Muszanskij