Scottish Band Astrid return today (21 Jan) with their new brand new single ‘Through The Darkness of your Life’

Within the first few seconds of this single I was transported back to an era when the likes of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were being played; the soundtrack to a carefree 1960s. I instantly felt hypnotised by the lyrics of frontman ‘Charlie Clark‘ who reflects on the supernatural through his lyrics within the track. Speaking of the new single Clark says;

“Through The Darkness Of Your Life” in some ways is about getting older and using past experiences and knowledge gained to really start applying it to your life. During the pandemic I revisited a lot of Occult literature, power of positive thinking type books and lots of lectures by the likes of Alan Watts, Ram Das and Bob Proctor that I was interested in as a teenager. One book in particular, The Kybalion, which is a really small book but filled with all these amazing ideas and principles.”

Listening to the track, I felt I was really able to relate to the lyrics such as ‘I came alive through the darkness of life, and don’t let your feelings leave you out in the cold’ The huge opportunity we’ve had during the pandemic has been a chance to reflect on life experiences and look within ourselves to how powerful our feelings can be in manifesting and having control over our own future.

This single takes you to a place where you can explore these thoughts with its vortex vocal harmonies and loping basslines . It’s almost as through these sounds Astrid reaches out for your hand and guides you on a journey with them.

Alongside founding members Charlie Clark and William Campbell, the single was written in collaboration with Paul Quin on drums (Teenage Fanclub/ Soup Dragons) and James ‘Cliffy’ Clifford who plays bass and is now a permanent member of the band. The single was recorded and produced by No Big Deal Records and producer Jason Shaw.

Willie Campbell and Charle Clark

‘Through The Darkness Of Your Life’ will be available on all streaming services from today (21st January) with a limited run of 300 7 inch vinyl records. The Vinyl will also feature the B side ‘opposites Meet’ that was originally written by Willie Campbell back in 1999 and is a firm fan favourite.

Watch the official video to “Through The Darkness Of Your Life” here now.

Astrid are soon to be heading out on tour in Febuary 2022 as follows;


February 8th  The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen 

February 11th ,The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

February 12th Tolbooth, Stirling 

February 13th Eden Court, Inverness


Words by Tamsin Jones