The latest outstanding offering from the Dublin lads and third track to be taken from the forthcoming ‘PEOPLE FEEL’ E.P is another absolute belter.

“Decisions” follows on from two previous singles that are very different in ways but also 100 percent uniquely Nixer, a sound the Irish duo have been crafting for the past two years, mostly in the two separate cities of Dublin and London. It’s clear to hear their sound and style is influenced by dancefloors, socialising, electro, cold wave and fiction with artists like Boy Harsher, The Stone Roses and King Krule being hailed as the boys main musical tour guides.

‘Decisions’ is yet again a shinning example of the fact that Nixer are making banging, catchy music with a sound that’s very different from anything else that’s being made around them. Nixer are surely becoming kings of self-produced, self-informed DIY music. Which is the essence and root of what Nixer do.

The track starts off in true dancefloor fashion, with its pulsing arpeggiated synth and a guitar lick that for one brief moment makes you think your going to be treated to a sample of the ‘Grandmaster Flash’ classic ‘White Lines’ yet seconds later your riding a wave of sonic’s, beats and guitar lines that have you up dancing before you’ve even noticed your feet have moved. The phat synth ladened bassline really gets the heart pumping and the recognisably unique Irish vocal is textbook Nixer. The lyrics are so perfectly put together with everyday phrases delivered so melodically its totally genius. “Its all about the who, what, why, where when are you going”.

The content and story behind the lyrics really draws the listener in and actually makes you feel like your on a night out with these Irish legends, not just sitting on a bus with your ear pods in, also this track may give you the compulsion to start little fish, big fish cardboard boxing it in the middle of Lidls fresh fruits aisle. Nixer are like a Rowntrees fruit pastel you can’t help but chew, but with Nixer you can’t help but dance. Sean and Peggs are a true combination and collaboration between two people who love making music with alot of fun, every tune is extremely catchy and immediately timeless and ‘Decisions’ is a perfect example of this.

Decisions’ is the first song of the ‘PEOPLE FEEL’ story. It’s set at a corner shop where the night begins and the first decision of the night, which for most is a simple one, takes place. The indecisiveness and uncertainty about the simple decision between “beer or wine” sets the tone for the chaos that unfolds.

A massive theme throughout Nixer’s musical arsenal is the uncertainty we encounter in life and the people that come and go on that journey. Although the music is fun and playful from Nixer on the track, there’s an underlying darkness that’s prevalent throughout the EP as we can also see in the previous two singles. This sense of darkness is most notable in the breakdown where we cleverly see a reference to the track that follows it on the EP, ‘Outsider’. This clever congruency is littered throughout the EP. Each song ties in to the next or relates to another in some way to tell a dark story of the concept EP from Nixer we call ‘PEOPLE FEEL’.

Nixer give us an insight into their concept and writing style with a wonderful quote from wild haired charismatic frontman Sean …….

“I’m literally the most indecisive person EVER, like ever, well like maybe there’s somebody out there who’s more decisive or I mean indecisive than me, maybe, I don’t know… Peggsy what do you think? Hahahaha. Anyway, what a banger, I had so much fun writing this tune. I’m delighted I’ve managed to immortalise one of the things that annoys me most about myself in a Nixer song. I really am tragically indecisive. It was a super involved and informed writing process, as was the whole EP, and to avoid getting overly personal I often messaged and called friends to hear what they had to say about the different concepts I was working on and writing about. On Decisions I remember reaching out to James McGregor the lead singer in The Clockworks and Lorcan Donnellan our guitarist for the live shows, both really great friends of mine and two really great writers. Their words of direction and analysis really helped me. When I asked Lorcan he said “But generally speaking, everybody makes shit loads of decisions on a night out. It’s a really interesting question, presume your writing a song about it and I really like the angle” and when I reflect on this, I am so happy that song writing is my favourite thing to do because looking back on that is beautiful.”

Decisions’ fittingly kicks off the night’s events with arguably the best track on the six-track offering. The narrative is simplistic and this first “decision” of the night, one that also seems obviously simplistic, welcomes us into the track once the driving bassline hands over the reins to Seán’s vocals. Nixer are without a doubt mixing some inspiring creativity with daily life and putting it all together to deliver us some of the best new music we could wish for.

Their live shows are also pretty euphoric. If you can imagine euphoria mixed with the elements of punk rock and New Rave then you’ll get yourself to a show. I had the pleasure of witnessing it all for myself when Nixer stepped out on stage at the very first Friday Night Live at the Havana Club in Jersey alongside Mr Alan McGee only the other week. It was some show I can tell ya so keep your eyes glued to the for the full in depth review coming up very soon.



30th Leeds // Gold Sounds Festival


6th Glasgow // The Road to the Great Escape

9th Dublin // The Road to the Great Escape

11th-14th Brighton // The Great Escape (Not Announced)

20th Amsterdam // London Calling 

28th Bristol // Dot To Dot Festival (Not Announced)

29th Nottingham // Dot To Dot Festival (Not Announced)

31st London // Nixer Headline, Peckham Audio 


7th London // The Social w/ Talk Show (Not Announced)


8th Slane, Ireland // Otherside festival

There’s a huge air of the future about Nixer almost like scientific poetry mixed with heading down the shops for a bottle of Buckfast on the way to an illegal rave in a spaceship. My advice would be jump on board!


“That is particularly homemade music. Gentrification is a track by Nixer, Nixer is a new discovery of mine..” -IGGY POP, BBC Radio 6

“Think of LCD Soundsystem mixed with Soulwax reborn – add a little bit of the poetic flair of Fontaines D.C. in there and you’ve got a band like NIXER. Any indie fan HAS to be on this band” -Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1 – Nixer Radio 1 ‘Next Wave’ Artist 27/01/22

“An interesting mix of taut new-wave guitar and keyboards” – On ‘People Feel’ – Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6 – Nixer 6Music Spotlight Artist 21/01/22

“It is a lively one… discovered by Iggy Pop who gave them early 6Music support… fantastic no wave/new wave action to this… can’t wait to hear more from the duo Nixer” – On ‘People Feel’. – Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 – ‘While You Were Sleeping’ track

“I’m gonna kick things off with a band called Nixer. This track is off their debut EP, I know you’re gonna LOVE IT!” – Gemma Bradley, BBC Radio 1 Introducing

“It’s a sound and style I’m familiar with, but hearing accents I’ve not traditionally heard alongside these sounds is just fucking brilliant. I want to hear a Nixer album!” – Sam Greenwood, Head of FOURFOURMAG.COM

“WOOOOOOW, I feel like I’ve just completely been smacked in the face. Yeah this is sick, I like it! There’s something really anxious about it, like you know you’re on a dancefloor but somebody has whispered in your ear that somebody on that dancefloor is gonna hit you, but you’re still having a good time but you’re just waiting for it. Yeah, that one’s a banger” – On ‘Magnolia Mouth’. – Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1

Words by Jim Dolan