I think Sally knows that I appreciate a good pun so when I saw the subject header for when she sent me this EPK, it made me laugh. 

“‘Society’s Rejects’ The SoapGirls don’t give a damn, before you get in a lather.. ‘Breathe’.. New single from South Africa’s wildest rock band!”

Yup. That’s my level of humour. 

“Breathe” is raucous music wise big distorted guitars, and big drums, but at the same time very refreshing, I love the vocals on this, and also… there are sound effects! Breath sounds to punctuate the chorus! Good way to get yourself warmed up I tell you!

This covers all bases here, you can tell this is a song they have fun with live, which brings me on to the accompanying video, The SoapGirls are very much an energetic band! Also they’re into makeup and fab costumes on stage.

I saw some high kicks being thrown around that made me wince as I wish I could get my legs that high, but hey if you can, do it go for it! 

The SoapGirls consist of French-born, South African-raised sisters Noemie Debray (Mie) (guitar, vocals) & Camille Debray (Mille) (bass guitar, vocals) The fearless siblings began their music career as child street performers at ages 8 and 9, roaming the streets of Cape Town singing whilst selling handmade soap for charity, earning the name The SoapGirls’.


Breathe’ the first single from soon to be released 4th album ‘In My Skin’ Is a Romper stomper of pure, dynamic, rock n roll! This uncompromising style/attitude & the excessive, debauched live shows, earn a reputation of absolute credibility & authenticity. Past appearances have included legendary Punk/Alternative festivals such as Rebellion & Camden Rocks. The Don’t Give A Damn tour kicks off in the UK in April, before heading to Europe, followed by the US in July & Japan in August.

Credit – Jeff Moh






Words by Del Osei Owusu