Lizzie is back with a gorgeous indie number starting off with synths, and jangly guitars. Her vocals are a bit more quieter and reflective than I’m used to. But this shows off the spectrum of her talent.

The lyrics are introspective but build up to a big chorus, and where the distortion kicks in – the song goes through some twists and turns musically, and I’m getting the feeling this has been developed from her live performances.

Lyric wise it speaks to me:

“I’d rather be here on my own for a second,

Take it all in, 

All the pain and the suppression,

Well I find myself again losing everything,

And I don’t know who I am and that’s why

Bleak sublime,

I’m going till I feel alive,

Bleak sublime,

I’m staying till I feel alright.”

Lizzie doesn’t mince her words, and she pours everything into this song, which is no less than what I would expect from her since she exploded into my life with the nothing short of brilliant “Brilliant Weather”. 

She’s gone from strength to strength having put together an awesome band, played BBC Introducing stage this year – I sent my friend Josie to go check her out on my recommendation – I trust Josie’s taste in music and she was seriously impressed, and I can’t wait to see what else she’s got left in her very talented sleeve.


Review by Del Osei-Owusu