For their 4th single, Glasgow-based ‘Spiral Cities’ have followed-up their previous releases with what at first sounds like a departure from tone, when in actual fact it’s a snap back to the beginning, with a song that has taken more than 10yrs to find it’s way to an audience. And it’s been worth the wait.

All great artists channel personal experiences into their work, but not all of them live to see those pieces become appreciated. In some cases, as masterpieces. For this band, when they first penned the words to this tune about fatherhood, in their teens, who among us would have either the emotional or musical maturity, at that age, to know what to do with it?

Fast-forward to present day, with a growing reputation on the Scottish music-scene, and welcoming the responsibilities of parenting for some of the band-members themselves, now is the right time to make sure that the world WILL listen. To shout from the rooftops, that there is no fear in becoming a father, and all the responsibilities that come with it. And that what has come before, will only shape the future in a positive-way.

Whist the inspiration of their idol, Johnny Marr, licks it’s way through ‘Forgotten’, like a flickering flame, this self-styled Alt-Pop 5-piece cannot disguise the influence from other UK indie bands of the 90s, who were themselves inspired by Marr. And the track has a familiarity to it, for those of a certain age, with images of Ride & Shed Seven coming to mind, as well as The Smiths.

Lead-singer Scott scorches through the lyrics, starting off softly, then moving deftly from happiness to sadness, building to a heavy, gritty vocal that emotes an intense & angry tone towards the end. If you close your eyes and just listen to the words, you can hear the cathartic release of a painful-memory. Raw, powerful & delivered passionately.

From the creative jump-off point, all the way through the tight rehearsal-process, and onto the stage, or across the airwaves, all 5 seasoned professionals give it everything they’ve got. Leaving nothing on-the-table. And I can’t wait to see where this exciting, talented combo will take us next. 

Spiral Cities are for those who want a solid night-out, to have a good time. Their live performances are energetic, and include a growing setlist, impressively showcasing elements of rock, pop & EDM. So, watch out for the band playing a club or local festival near you soon.

Leaving the closing words to Scott himself, “Just come along and dance, man!!!”

Spiral Cities are :

• Scott Frank (Vocals, keyboards/ synths)

• Ross Dalziel (Rhythm-guitar, backing-vocals)

• Andy Arthur (Lead-guitar, backing-vocals)

• Fraser Haggarty (Bass-guitar, backing-vocals)

• Greg Conn (Drums, backing-vocals)

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‘Forgotten’ is released on Friday 9th September 2022.

Review by Colin Bridgewater (@CJB_TheSongbird)