For me this melds jazz funk and classical together. It’s very Jamiroquai in its vibe – what do I mean? Well, first up it’s an instrumental, so let’s not concern ourselves with vocals here, but we’ve got an acoustic guitar, violin, bass and drums doing some funky things – it reminds me of when Jamiroquai released “Emergency On Planet Earth”, and that was just mindblowing the way they put things together on that – even a didjeridoo. Imagine!

But this is different, this just gives me a soulful vibe that I could imagine being performed beautifully live in a concert hall, not a jazz club this is way bigger than that… 

The flute that comes in is just gorgeous – I’m a sucker for jazz flute, and Josephine plays with a flavour that just… sings. 

She also plays the violin and piano on this and the jam session is glorious! 

She worked on this one with Neil Thom her producer and guitarist. I was already sold on her banger of a track “Jouska”, but this? This one takes me places.

Josephine Pascoe is a pianist, violinist & flautist from London, UK. Since 2017 she has been writing and recording with Windsor-based guitarist and producer Neil Thom.

Listen to the track HERE NOW

Review by Del Osei-Owusu