The Chase are undoubtedly a band on the rise, having a loyal and devoted fan base and having already played at a host of UK festivals such as Isle of Wight, The Great Escape, Y Not, Splendour as well as their own sold out UK tours & support slots with the likes of The Kaiser Chiefs, Dualers, The Rifles, The K’s, The Clause & more.

Formed in their pre-teens, the multi-instrumentalists have a multicultural background that has inspired their sound. Brothers Tyler (frontman) & Dion (drums) were born & raised in Notts with Scottish & Caribbean heritage. With cousin Luke on bass & James on keyboard/co-writer, the result is a sound that is both uniquely British & undeniably cultured and overall, most definitely infectious!

From The Beatles to Damian Marley, you will hear the impact their upbringing has on their writing & performance styles. Frontman Tyler is equal parts rugged, glam & real. By day a labourer, but by night he’s commanding the stage in leopard print bringing strong Marc Bolan vibes. He describes his fashion style as“Champagne taste with a lemonade budget” – and with regard to their live performances further comments “Our live show is theatrical & full of showmanship, I couldn’t do it any other way. We want the crowd involved, we love it when they’re singing back at us, it’s part of the experience for us & them.”

Following on from their highly acclaimed previous release of ‘Not The F*cking Game Show’, The Chase today (4th May) release their eagerly anticipated follow up EP; ‘Bonzo Bonanza’. While ‘NTFGS’ was an action packed, gritty, angry debut filled with kitchen sink commentary about the lives of four young lads growing up on a council estate, the latest release is a definitive musical step up for the lads showcasing them as seasoned, talented musicians and most definitively ones to watch out for as they continue to climb the upwards trajectory of super stardom which is no doubt written in the stars for them.

Bonzo Bonanza’ features five delightfully diverse tracks:

  1. Bonozo Bonanza
  2. Trumpet
  3. Balloon D’or
  4. Lara
  5. The Encore No One Asked For

Tracks range across a diverse culture spectrum featuring elements of synthetics and rocking guitar reverbs on the previously released track ‘The Encore No One Asked For’ to a good ole fashioned jolly old party knees up vibes on ‘Trumpet’ through to the strumming skiffle guitars and Beatles-esq harmonic melodies of ‘Lara’, and the the high octane, two tone fast paced stomper of ‘Balloon D’or and the title track of ‘Bonzo Bonanza’ with its distinctive ska vibes all set to a a circus themed melody unabashedly embracing the chaos and the madness all wrapped up in the beauty of a song.

Front man Tyler Heaney has said of the new EP;

“We are extremely proud of Bonzo Bonanza and we have been dying to share it with you all. Lyrically I
have delved into new territory on this record, from circus animals to dad’s with bad knees… I think
musically we all pushed ourselves to try new things, everything has just hit that next level. We’ve thrown
the kitchen sink at it, experimenting with a whole new sound and we’re glad you finally get to
hear it.”

The ‘Bonzo Bonanza’ Ep was produced by Nick Brine (Oasis, The Darkness) with artwork designed by Magnolialux.

‘Bonzo Bananza’ is a slice of heaven for any self respecting music fan. This is where’s its at! Despite there being obvious musical influences at play throughout, the lads have managed to make something that is entirely fresh and exciting. This is the encore that the music world most definitely asked for – MORE, MORE,MORE!!





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Words by Sally Newman